Acoustics, Audiovisual, Data, Voice, Consultancy

Technology Design Resources (TDR) is a small business that maintains vendor independence, allowing us to define and design the appropriate technology, not one we are obligated to market.  This independence allows us the flexibility to specify the right product that meets clients’ financial and technical requirements.  TDR also maintains a highly qualified, professional and renowned group of specialized consultants in each of our technical studios (voice, data, acoustics and audiovisual).  

Technology is no longer a field that should be ignored or overlooked; it has become as important as water, electricity, security and clean air to your  building project and most likely will end up controlling each.   Today it’s critical to incorporate the right team members in your project, this industry should no longer accept a “turn the crank or cut and paste” consultancy.  TDR is personally very proud of our numerous current and past projects, leading us to establish extended relationships with all of our clients.

Through the process of designing building resources, infrastructure and support technologies organizations must evaluate much more than simply installing the newest, trendiest technologies. TDR fully understands the complexity of these technical and operational issues facing today’s organizations and the expectations of designing, scheduling and delivering them under budget and on time. Our highly qualified consultant’s help clients conceive, develop, and implement expansive technology-based solutions molded for their immediate use and sustainability well into the future. TDR helps it’s clients understand and implement the” Intelligent Network” concept through the design, planning, specification, project management and administration services furnished by our specialists.